Research & Education

Our Research and Education wing specializes in social science, access to justice, and social work research and policy. Our research activities focus on vulnerable, marginalized, and low-income religious minorities, immigrants, newcomers, refugees, and racialized communities.  We have assembled an experienced team of researchers with decades of cumulative experience employing qualitative and quantitative methods and methodologies to answer pressing social questions. Please contact us at to inquire about the availability of our research team.

Current Research and Education Projects

  • Establishment of a Muslim Community Legal Clinic (Research Project) – With the generous support and partnership of the Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA), Islam Care Centre (ICC), and with the collaboration of students and faculty at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, we had a law student working as a research assistant during the summer of 2019 to undertake preliminary research regarding the feasibility of a future free legal clinic to improve access to justice for Ottawa’s Muslim community. Following our summer fellowship, we have entered a new phase of our project. We have now partnered with the University of Ottawa to run a practicum class entitled “CML 3351- Legal Research and Writing: Muslim Legal Clinic Program” from September, 2019 to April, 2020. The students are building upon the work of our summer fellow by undertaking the complex work of setting up the structure of the legal clinic. Students are exploring the particular areas of law highlighted in our summer feasibility study and are examining the best methods of delivery in a clinical setting. They will develop our relationship with key partners and ensure that the soon-to-be-established Muslim Community Legal Clinic Pilot Project is well-connected within the Muslim community.
  • Potential Culture of Carrying Weapons among Youth in Ottawa (Research Project) – This research partnership with Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) has been forged to in order to gain a better understanding of the culture of weapons carrying among Ottawa youth and young adults. MFSO’s team of social science experts will work with CPO to understand the motivations behind weapons carrying behaviour, and the perceptions around risk and safety youth have regarding weapons carrying. For more about Crime Prevention Ottawa, please visit
  • Immigration and Refugee Status of Children and Youth in Foster Care(Reserch Project with Probono Students Canada) Through Probono Students Canada, ICC/MFSO is hosting 3 volunteer law student researchers. This project builds on ICC/MFSO’s existing formal partnership with the Children’s Aid Society by responding to concerns regarding recent high profile cases of former foster care children being threatened with deportation due to their legal status in Canada never being resolved by various child welfare agencies. We wish to work with our partners at CASO to ensure that all children in foster care in Ottawa, including children from the Muslim community, are having immigration and refugee status issues resolved while in the care of CASO. The role of the researching students is to understand and compile all existing policies and procedures of CASO as well as relevant other agencies, case law, and legislation related to the immigration, refugee, or citizenship status of children in foster care.